About Us

About Us

Serving you since 1978!

“I loved windmills when I first started in this business and I still love the water well business today!” - Owner and Master Water Well Driller and Pump Installer, Walter Skinner

Well drilling and service since 1978 

We have spent close to forty years drilling and installing wells and pumping systems – from windmills to solar. Most of our work is drilling and servicing water wells, but we have also done occasional work for Hollywood movie productions. This has included building and dissembling windmills, and drilling a prop well for the film “There Will Be Blood”.  

Windmills to solar and more 

The windmill is a familiar sight and iconic landmark of our beloved West Texas landscape. Windmills were the original method of pumping water in these parts. Today however, the latest technologies may offer more efficient water well pumping and storage solutions, including solar. Skinner’s has a lot of experience in solar powered water well system installations. We stay up to date of the latest technologies to provide our customers with the most current and energy efficient systems.   

Clean Groundwater 

Preserving the quality of our groundwater is the highest priority with us at Skinner’s. We ensure that our drilling process, water wells, and pumping systems have no adverse effect on the surrounding ecosystem and groundwater.

  • Walter Skinner, TDLR Master Licensed Driller & Pump Installer license #2838CMWI 
  • John Skinner, Driller & Pump Installer, TDLR License #59655KLPW
  • Thomas Skinner, Driller & Pump Installer, TDLR license #59401LPW
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