Water Well Drilling 

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When requesting an estimate to drill a well we can be more accurate when you provide the following information:

  • GPS coordinates to locate reports on wells close to your site
  • The proposed use for the well
With that information we can give you an estimate based on depth, borehole size and casing material.
We will come to your site to dowse for a potential spot to drill and assist in completing your groundwater district permit application.

We will arrange our drilling process to your schedule and welcome you to be on site, if you wish.

When drilling is complete, we can size the pumping system for your new well.

Geology - relative to water
    Most of the Big Bend Region is volcanic and water is generally found in fractures, not aquifers.
      Water found in our area is usually good clean water.
        However, we do not guarantee that water will be found in any quantity, quality, or at any particular depth.

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